Dental studio

Dr. Vitanovic

Doctor Vitanovic Vasa is an author and a co-author of numerous international publications, has participated as an exibitor at many congresses regarding the implantological problems related to the anatomy of jaws.


The team of Dr. Vasa is composed of:

  • Dr. Armando Taiana

  • Assistant Miss Elisa
  • Assistant Miss Ibadete
  • Dr. Enzo Ferrari hygienist

Dr. Vitanovic Vasa and his team work on their cases at two clinics: the one in Brescia and the other one in Bagnolo Mella.

Both locations have high-level medical facilities.

Studio Vitanovic is able to offer you all the performances with very high levels of competence.

His team is made up of a group of professionals, each with different specializations.

NCBI Association

Established in 1988 as an informative source for mollecular biology, NCBI has created a public database, directs computer biology research, develops software tools to analyze genome data and to disseminate biomedical information for the purpose of a better understanding of the processes that affect human health and disease.

Dental Clinic Dr. Vitanovic

Dr. Vitanovic Vasa is the author and co-author of numerous international publications, he has participated as a speaker in many congresses concerning the implantological problems related to the anatomy of jaws. </ span> </ h3>


Fill in the information request form and you will be contacted as soon as possible by Dr. Vasa. IN ADDITION … If you have a list / quote from another doctor for a series of interventions that you have to take? SEND without price list (indicating the interventions in the form of information request below) to Dr. Vitanovic Vasa and discover the price without any commitment and cost! </ H3>

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