It is claimed that the most widespread dental disease is caries.The diet, proper hygiene and regular checks by specialists (every six months) are the basis for proper prevention against tooth decay. The sweet foods, the soft bread, the appetizers, which stick to the teeth, allow the bacteria to release an acid that attacks the enamel. [...]

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Dark chocolate, strawberries and cheese


DARK CHOCOLATE Since dark chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa in it, this positively affects the health of our body and consequently also our teeth. The high percentage of theobromine contained in the cocoa strengthens the enamel, in this way our teeth are more difficult to color. Unfortunately this does not apply [...]

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Our diet has a fundamental impact on the health of our teeth. For what reason? Because inside the mouth there are numerous bacteria that feed on the food we ingest. Which food? Desserts, for example. The sugar found in various types of desserts, and in soft drinks helps to nourish the bacteria responsible for the [...]

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Inside the grape there is a long series of antioxidants that positively affects our overall health and the health of our mouth and teeth. It is assumed that the first wines were born spontaneously. At high temperatures the grape juice quickly reached fermentation, then spices, honey and water were added, making this mixture a sweet [...]

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