Dental Clinic

Performance of the Dental Clinic dr. Vitanovic – Brescia and Bagnolo Mella


Performance of the Dental Clinic dr. Vitanovic – Brescia and Bagnolo Mella

For children, deciduous fillings, sealing of furrows, iontophoresis, protection, etc. It is important for children to follow them from the earliest years and to guide the growth of the teeth by arranging or by selectively removing the milk teeth.
Extraction of teeth, included teeth, roots, cystectomy, apicectomy (way of saving a tooth with granuloma or apical cyst), frenuloectomy, preprosthetic surgery (alveolar ridge leveling), reconstructive and regenerative surgery, pre-orthodontic.
Maintenance of dental health, arrangement of diseases of teeth / caries, replacement of amalgam fillings.
A healthy and clean mouth allows gingival health, decreases the possibility of periodontal pockets.

Shortening the time and buying the systems directly from the manufacturer also reduces the final cost.
Using innovative, minimally invasive and very advantageous techniques, it is possible to use in some cases the existing total prostheses.
The dental practice offers the possibility of performing implants, minimally aggressive, with immediate loading; this means that a patient enters the studio without any teeth or with the edentual spaces and within a few hours the implantology is performed and the capsules are made on the implants so that the patient can safely carry out his daily activities with a nice smile.
For patients who risk losing all their teeth due to different pathologies such as pyorrhea, periodontal disease, trauma, etc, we can completely build your mouth in a day. [Consult the Case n ° 5 ] In the alveoli where we have extracted the diseased or traumatized teeth, the post-extraction implants are inserted and bridges and capsules will be built over them. [consult the Case n ° 4 ] Implantology offers the possibility of replacing missing teeth, removable bridges or dentures or fixing the existing total dentures.
The study offers the possibility to recover a well-integrated but broken old implant and connect it with the new structure and thus exit the studio with a temporary tooth.

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Mobile and fixed, also accompanied with oral surgery and implantology. [consult the Case n ° 4 ]

Prevention and treatment of pyorral periodontal diseases. [See Case n ° 7 ]
Fixed and mobile prostheses of all types with the possibility to reuse the total prostheses already after being anchored with the implants. [consult the Cases n ° 3-5 ]
Rejuvenation of lips and perioral wrinkles and this completes your beautiful smile after having redone your teeth.
The teeth whitening is carried out with the aid of a led lamp which, within twenty minutes, allows an immediate and painless whitening effect and a beautiful smile.
Conscious sedation allows to eliminate anxiety, fear and phobia of the visit to a dentist, using a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide with personalized dosages, absolutely free of harmful effects and contraindications; the conscience is not abolished, the patient is always present and collaborating, eliminates the reflection of the vomit, raises the pain threshold, desensitises the oral mucosa, induces a pleasant sense of psycho-physical wellbeing, minimizes the sensation of the passing of time intervention.


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